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About the products

Eco-Friendly and sustainable skin-products

O3LIVIA ozonated oils are caring, cosmetic oils that are produced by ozonating sunflower oil. Ozone reacts with the oil to produce so-called ozonides, which in more than 500 studies have been shown to have a therapeutic effect in the treatment of a number of different external skin problems.


These include antimicrobial effects, an increase in growth factors that promote tissue regeneration and an increase in enzymatic antioxidants. The oil can treat the skin in many different ways.

O3LIVIA's products is pure sunflower oil and is due to this very ample. Even one drop spreads over a large area. Therefore, a small bottle of 30ml lasts much longer than other similar products.

All products are produced with organic sunflower seed oil and is 100% vegan, no products have been tested on animals which we priority because we care for everyone.

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